Ride Like the Wind
6 days ago

Source: Woodland International Horse Sales
6 days ago
6 days ago

first time riding Doodles bareback
6 days ago

The long legs of William Fox-Pitt on Bay My Hero at Burghley Horse Trials 2014.
6 days ago
Watch me sing? Fireproof: One Direction

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I’m literally so upset right now like why can’t I just be likable and unlike myself because everyone hates me and I hate myself and I want to make friends but nobody tells me whats wrong with me

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Found out today one of my friends doesn’t like me, apparently hates me. I’m very very sad about it… 

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1 week ago

Ian Millar and Star Power warming up for the jump off for the $100,000 Grand Prix at Angelstone, which they went on to win.
1 week ago

Beezie Madden and Cortes C, WEG 2014.
Source: The Chronicle